The Catch Pro Series 2 - Now Available

We are pleased to announce that after extensive testing and customer feedback, the Catch Pro Series 2 Grass Catcher is now available online and from our retail partners!


What's new for Series 2?

  • An all-new 2 piece steel inlet replaces the original 3 piece aluminium inlet. The new design removes welds and drastically increases durability.
  • Upgraded rivets include a deeper flange to reduce vibrations and increase overall rigidity.
  • A refined clip design reduces weight, increases strength, and simplifies attaching and removing the catcher. 


What's even better? All the upgrades are backward compatible with the Series 1 Catch Pro, so existing owners can get in on the action.

All models on the Catch Pro website have been updated to the Series 2, so you can order in confidence knowing you will be purchasing the latest design with all the great new features.



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