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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently asked Questions | Catch Pro Australia

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Catch Pro Australia |Frequently asked questions


How much does the Catch Pro Catcher weigh?

The Catch Pro Grass Catcher is made from lightweight aluminium and weighs 10.5kg when empty.

What is the capacity of the Catch Pro Catcher?

The Catch Pro lawn Grass Catcher has a 117 Litre capacity.

Will the Catch Pro catcher fit my mower?

Check out our catalogue of Catcher bundles and adapters, if there is no listing for your grass mower contact us and we will advise how to fit. 

Can I use the Catch Pro Catcher on more than one mower?

The Catch Pro catcher can be used on more than one mower as long as each mower is fitted with the correct bracket.

Will my mower deck support the weight of the Catch Pro Catcher when it is full?

Most of the brands have heavy duty decks and are generally strong enough to support the weight of the catcher. A few models including the Toro Timecutter, and some John Deere and Husqvarna decks may require a deck stabilizer to support the catcher. 

Can I leave my discharge chute on my mower?

Most fit-ups allow the discharge chute to remain installed. On a small number of models, there is not sufficient room and the discharge chute requires removal. 

Can I purchase spare parts for my catcher?

Yes, spare parts can be purchased directly from Catch Pro Australia.


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