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Lawn Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Lawnmower

Lawn Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Lawnmower

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Your beloved lawn mower - like other tools and machines, won’t last forever and will eventually give in to wear-and-tear. It is vital to preserve your mower's ability to perform at its best to guarantee effective lawn maintenance for as long as possible. 

Modern lawn mowers have a life-span of 5-10 years - if your mower is at the 5-year mark or close to it, don’t miss out on these tips to help your mower perform better, for longer. 

These simple steps will save you time and money in the future when you could’ve been buying a new lawn mower entirely.

3 Simple Steps For A Long-Lasting Lawn Mower

#1 Mower Cleaning

Day-to-day trimming won’t have an immediate impact on your lawn mower's performance but without regularly cleaning out grass deposits, it will build up over time and eventually clog your mower catcher. When grass is chopped up, it sticks to the top and underside of your machine, and can even make its way into the engine too. 

So, maintaining a cleaning schedule for the grass catcher mower is essential to making it work efficiently for the long-term. Particularly if your lawn mower gets quite dirty after every time you use it.


The best way to scrape any packed grass from under your mower deck is by using the easy-to-grab T-handle of the Pro/ Scraper.

The heavy-duty design of lawn tools like this allows you to get leverage and then scrap your mower deck clean of packed grass, mud and debris.


Ballard’s Mower Magic is the market-leading cleaning product for mowers. Catch Pro provides this degreaser for landscapers because the formula is built for lawn maintenance. Mower Magic will power through grime, grass stains, grease and anything else that you need to clean on your machine. 

With all deposits being disposed of, your lawn mower will be able to perform at its best each time you trim your lawn.

#2 Blade Sharpening

For your mower, the proficiency of the blade system is what dictates the ability to cut grass effectively - but all blades wear down over time. Specifically, they can fall victim to irreparable damages whilst on the job, such as blades splitting, getting chipped, or incurring worn-out bearings.

If you’re noticing that you’ve been pushing your mower for longer hours and it produces poorer results, your blades may be damaged or need sharpening. We recommend sharpening your mower blades at least once a year.

Here are some products that Catch Pro provides to assist landscapers with blade sharpening and performance.

Mower Mulching Blade Adapter | Mower Blade Sharpening Guide

Need New Mower Blades?

Wolverine Mower Blades

Hurricane Mower Blades

#3 Mower Protection

By sharpening your blades or cleaning your mower deck, the inside of your mower will be effectively preserved. But don’t forget about the exterior protection of your machine. 

To protect your mower from any weather damage whilst you’re not using it, look no further than the Universal Mower Cover. This cover is made with thick UV waterproof protection, and a strong elastic bottom-closure to wrap around most ZTR, Stand on machines, and Lawn Tractors.

For advanced landscaping equipment maintenance, the best way to lift and secure your mower, or to protect it in-transit is by using a mower lift. The MoJack EZ Max Mower Lift has a unique clutch system for easy lifting, with an automatic safety system featuring a smooth release handle.

This ensures your safety by alleviating the pressures of handling a mower yourself, and providing the right amount of torque for lifting a light or heavy-duty lawn mower.

Need More Lawnmower Assistance?

Catch Pro Mower Grass Catchers & Chute Blockers allow you to catch or mulch discharge with complete control. The advanced chute systems can accommodate various industry leading mowers, and are engineered to perform lawn maintenance and landscaping maintenance tasks effectively and safely in high-density areas.

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