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5 Best Garden Equipment For Suburban Homes

5 Best Garden Equipment For Suburban Homes

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Australian Landscaping Basics

If you’re new to garden maintenance or landscaping tools, it’s easy to go overboard when buying new tools. 

Landscaping gear can be expensive, and take up lots of space in your shed or garage - so, you should focus on purchasing the garden equipment that all the experts have, that anyone can use!

Essential Garden Equipment

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Investing in the best quality landscaping tools and keeping them maintained will go a long way instead of going after the most expensive options.

Luckily for you, Catch Pro only sources the best gardening equipment and landscaping accessories from industry leading brands. We are partnered with BAD Workwear, Ballard, ComfortTrim and more, to create the most enjoyable landscaping experiences for Australians.

Best Landscaping Gear & Garden Tools Australia

#1 Gloves

Inexperienced landscapers may overlook the importance of hand protection. Gardening duties can be a fulfilling hobby, but without a good pair of gloves - it will become a hassle with plenty of splinters and thorns. The best gloves for gardening are durable, water-resistant and ultimately provide a comfortable fit. 


We recommend Ballard’s “Hard Work” Gloves. Why?

  • Machine washable
  • Touch-screen compatible
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Knitted wrist provides dirt and debris protection
  • Precise, and secure fit

#2 Safety Glasses

Although your hands are the one’s getting dirty, you must consider the chance of any dirt or debris getting into your eyes. For this reason, safety glasses are an essential accessory for all landscaping maintenance tasks. Must-have features for safety glasses include: premium frame materials and rubber padding.

Look no further than the BAD Safety Sunglasses - Clear Lense. Safety glasses that look like your favourite sunglasses!

  • High quality polycarbonate frames & lenses
  • Rubber nose pads for adjustability and comfort
  • Unisex one size fits all
  • UV400 - 99.95% UV protection
  • Certified Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 compliant

#3 Degreaser

Having the best gardening tools means that they are kept cleaned and maintained. To keep your tools in prime condition, you need the best cleaning product on the market. A degreaser will power through any tough-to-clean items in your garage - and Ballard has created the last cleaner you’ll buy.

A formula built specifically for garden maintenance that will work on anything you need to clean. Explore Ballard Mower Magic - Degreaser & Degrasser:

  • Foaming trigger helps product stay on and work with less run off and wasted product
  • Powers through grease, grime, grass stains, brake dust and anything you need to clean
  • 2 x 950ml ready to use bottles
  • Environmentally friendly

#4 Sun Protection Hats

Australians know the sun’s heat too well. So, you’ll want to protect yourself from excessive UV exposure, especially across your face and neck. The best hats for sun protection are wide-brim or legionnaire options provided by BAD Workwear.


BAD Sun Protection Legionnaires Hat - Features Include:

  • Face and neck sun protection.
  • Prevent short-term and long-term skin health issues.
  • UPF50+
  • Navy colour.
  • Premium brushed cotton material. Breathable and comfortable.
  • Vent holes allow for ventilation





Bad Sun Protection Wide Brim Black Hat - Features Include:

  • Superior 360 degree sun protection.
  • Prevent short-term and long-term skin health issues.
  • UPF50+
  • Adjustable drawstring to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Premium brushed cotton material. Breathable and comfortable.
  • Vent holes allow for ventilation.

#5 Scraper

The biggest inconvenience for landscapers is packed grass getting caught under your mower. If too much grass is built-up, it can hinder the performance of your mower - so finding an easy way to scrape off excess grass will maximise the performance of your machines.

Ballard has helped landscapers by creating a scraper that makes it easy to get leverage and scrape the deck clean of packed grass, mud, and debris.

Some more features of their Pro/Scraper include:

  • Comfortable T-Handle design with a foam grip on the shaft for leverage
  • Heavy Duty design, powder-coated steel that is built to last
  • Blue Spring Steel custom blade design works great on fabricated or stamped decks
  • Removes packed grass, mud, and debris for optimum machine cutting and performance
  • Replacement blades available
  • Measures 14” long, 3” wide blade

Explore More Landscaping Accessories & Safety Gear

Now you know the best garden equipment that any landscaper can use in suburban Australian homes. From here, having these essential garden tools will make your landscaping life so much easier.  

Need to add more to your toolset? Browse more from Catch Pro’s collections below.