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How Lawn Maintenance Will Increase Your Home's Value

How Lawn Maintenance Will Increase Your Home's Value

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Landscaping Value

An often overlooked factor of house valuations is the need to keep up lawn maintenance and landscaping duties. Landscaping is a proven method to boost the value of a property, recommending that home owners invest 10% of the property value into landscape upgrades. 

If you are looking to sell your property, ensuring adding a nice garden feature is a surefire way to add value for your home and help create an emotional appeal for your property for prospective buyers.  

Having a lavish garden will create a great space for entertaining guests, and provide more appeal to your home. Landscaping and lawn maintenance is the way to increase your house’s value from the outside, by enhancing the look of a property to boost its curb appeal.

It's All About Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a phrase often used in real estate that describes the attractiveness of a home from the perspective of a buyer from the sidewalk. When you want to increase the value of your home, first impressions matter. 

A property that is displayed neatly, and low-maintenance will help in convincing prospective buyers that they would feel comfortable in the home to enjoy the outdoors. Performing lawn maintenance and adding garden features boosts the curb appeal of your home. Good landscaping can add up to 28% to your home’s overall value according to John Harris, landscape economist.

The best part is, lawn maintenance is one of the few home improvement projects that increases in value over time -  paint peels away, where plant life will grow stronger. Additionally, implementing new plant life promotes environmental benefits that improves the quality of air, increasing the usability and enjoyment of outdoor areas. Whilst it isn’t always ideal to spend time in the garden all year, the visual appeal of a functioning yard space is timeless.

Garden Features & Aesthetic

All home improvement measures will help increase a property’s value, but the visual appeal created by outdoor gardens are on display for all to see. So taking time to add some of these garden features will enhance your home’s value.

Water/ Sprinklers

Installing a sprinkler system into your lawn will help with maintenance, also benefiting from less water usage. Water features such as a fountain or small pond are appealing additions that create a calming atmosphere. It is important to note that adding a water feature into your garden will have to factor in the size of your yard, size of the feature, its decoration, and where it will be located.

Herbs & Vegetables

An assortment of herbs will greet buyers and guests with irresistible fragrances and aromas - the most common options being dill, rosemary, lavender and peppermint. Also, growing vegetables is making a comeback in modern neighbourhoods, as a cost-effective way to put organic food on the table. By growing your own herbs and vegetables, your garden will be practical whilst also being desirable to look at, a great feature buyers will look for.

New Turf & Colours

Setting down a new turf makes a great impact on visitors, with Kikuyu lawns being a more cost-effective option compared to Buffalo grass. A lush lawn is complemented by a collection of colourful perennial plants and flowers, using a diverse range of pots to add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden and its features. 

Lawn Maintenance Tips


Implementing new features and plant life is a great way to improve the value on the surface, but you need to keep up lawn maintenance to sustain a long term value increase to your property. Mulching shrubs and plants will help to prevent weed growth, reduce evaporation, inhibit erosion and moderate soil temperature. By mulching your greenery it makes landscaping more economical over time and replenishes any dull soil to have a better appeal. For most homes, utility mulch is the best choice for low lawn maintenance - forest fines and pine bark makes gardens look neat and tidy.


Encouraging biodiversity in your gardens and lawns is an excellent way to promote colour and reduce the impact of pests. But it is important to not grow too many plant species in order to help you create a cohesive look for your yard. A well-designed garden can even help the interior of your home - shady trees, hedges or bushes that are nearby windows provide visual, sound and heat barriers. Increased shade can decrease the need for air conditioning by approximately 20% in Australia’s warmer months.

Lawn Edges

The best way to ensure your lawn and garden remain neat and tidy is by edging and trimming. This enhances the overall appeal of your home and creates a strong first impression with potential buyers. You can perform your own edging - you just need to have the right mower blades for a more manicured or mulching method.


Ready to Increase Your Home's Value?

So, now you know the best lawn maintenance tips anyone can do to boost the value of your property on the market. The next step is to get access to the best gardening tools and accessories in Australia to save you time and money in the garden.

Luckily, Catch Pro specialise in providing Australians with the latest landscaping tools and accessories to help them achieve a high quality lawn. Find everything you need to get started on your lawn maintenance today - Grass Catchers & Chute Blockers, Safety gear, landscaping accessories and much more. 

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