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How to fit the Catch Pro Dust Shield

How to fit the Catch Pro Dust Shield | Catch Pro Australia

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Dust Shield Fitting Instructions:

  1. Remove the rear door
  2. Unscrew the existing deflector shield if one is present (3 screws)
  3. Lay the dust shield over the catcher, using the handle hole to align the shield to the top of the catcher
  4. Screw down the inside edge of the dust shield to the catcher using the 3 existing holes, in the following order: front, back, middle to ensure correct alignment
  5. On the outside edge use the centre point of the 4 eyelets to mark the points that need to be drilled. A hole punch is recommended as the indentation will help prevent the drill from slipping
  6. Drill out the 4 holes up to a 6mm drill bit
  7. Loosely screw down the dust shield using the 4 holes drilled & the hardware provided, the nuts go inside the catcher and the screws down from the top
  8. Tighten the screws using a 10mm spanner on the nuts
  9. Reattach the rear door

The fitting of your Catch Pro Dust Shield is now complete. You will now be able to mow in dusty conditions and suppress the amount of dust without compromising the airflow.