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How to fit your Catch Pro Grass Catcher

How to fit your Catch Pro Grass Catcher | Catch Pro Australia

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Video demonstrations of Catch Pro Grass Catcher fit ups can be found on the Catch Pro Youtube Channel here


Safety instructions:

  • Follow all the safety instructions provided with your lawn mower.
  • Never use your mower without the grass catcher or original grass deflector fully installed.
  • If your deflector shield cannot fully deploy with a catcher bracket mounted you must remove your bracket before using your mower without a catcher.
  • Always use eye protection when operating your lawn mower.
  • Always wear enclosed footwear when operating your lawn mower.
  • Keep all people and animals clear while mowing to avoid harm.
  • Do not use the catcher if you cannot safely lift heavy loads.
  • Always use proper lifting techniques when emptying and removing your catcher
  • Be sure the mower blades have completely stopped moving before removing or installing your grass catcher.
  • Use caution when mowing on slopes
  • To avoid accidental abrasion, do not place your hands inside the catcher.

Identify the type of fit up

Please follow the instructions that suit your deck from the options listed below, and refer to the final page for examples of what the completed fit up should look like.

Type 1 - Existing flat edge    


Existing Flat edge deck for Catch Pro Grass Catcher

Type 2 - Catch Pro ready decks

Catch Pro Grass Catcher ready deck


Type 3 - Decks that require an adaptor  

Deck that requires an adaptor for the Catch Pro Grass Catcher

Type 4 - Decks with a rear curve



Type 1 - Existing flat edge:

  1. Align the supplied bracket flush with the edge of your deck. The bracket must follow the edge of your deck for correct fitment.
  2. When the bracket is in place, mark two holes and drill to 8mm.
  3. Bolt down the bracket with the hardware provided ensuring that the bracket edge is flush with the deck edge.


Type 2 - Catch Pro ready decks:

  1. Your mower deck may already have a locating hole in place on the upper lip. If so, skip to the Attaching the Catcher instructions at the bottom of this page.
  2. If the deck has no hole on the upper lip, remove the locating pin on your Catch Pro.
  3. Place the Catch Pro on the upper lip so the inlet is covering the mouth of the mower.
  4. Mark the position where the locating pin will go (through the hole where the locator pin was removed), and drill a hole to 13mm.
  5. Reinstall the locating pin on your Catch Pro.



Type 3 - Decks that require an adaptor:

  1. Place the supplied adaptor over the opening on your mower deck
  2. Drill to 8mm on the top of the bracket and through your mower deck.
  3. Drill two holes to 6mm on the flange (Front edge) of both mower deck and adaptor.
  4. With the supplied hardware, bolt down your adaptor.
Bolt positions for Catch Pro Bracket fitting

Type 4 - Decks with a rear curve

  1. Place the provided bracket on the edge of your mower deck.
  2. Starting at the rear of the mower deck, slide the bracket forward until the rear of the bracket fits snug against the mower deck.
  3. Check that the bracket is in flush alignment with the deck to create a straight edge.
  4. Mark two holes and drill to 8mm.
  5. With the hardware provided, bolt down the bracket.


Adjusting the Locator Pin:

If your Catch Pro is not lining up with the existing hole, the locator pin can be removed and reinstalled in one of the three countersunk holes  to allow for correct fitment.


Attaching the Catcher

Hold the Catcher with 2 handles, approach the bracket/mower directing the locating pin in the mounting hole provided, then lower the hook over the upper lip.


Removing the Catcher:

Hold the Catcher with 2 handles, lift the catcher with the rear handle, pivoting the hook off the lip. Move the catcher away from the mower, sliding the locating pin out from the mounting hole.

Example of completed bracket fitting:

Example of a fitted Catch Pro Bracket