• Fit up to a Hustler Raptor

  • How much will shipping cost?

    We ship Catch Pros Australia wide with shipping at $100 per catcher for most metropolitan areas Also, if you are Brisbane based we can arrange for ...
  • How to empty your Catch Pro Catcher

    A video demo of how to remove the rear gate and empty the Catch Pro catcher.
  • My mower is not listed, will the Catch pro fit?

    The Catch pro will fit most ride-on and stand-on mowers that have a fabricated deck. We do not make brackets for mowers with pressed decks, but a f...
  • FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

      How much does the Catch Pro Catcher weigh? The Catch Pro Grass Catcher is made from lightweight aluminium and weighs 10.5kg when empty. What is...